Why are Goddesses gathering in circles ?


This blog is all about sharing my own personal experience with the process of CHANGE

So, I feel its important to talk about a very personal journey I’m currently on

Being a moon gazer and seeking to flow better with my menstrual cycle, the universe connected me with Tanishka “The Moon Woman.” A woman who has been empowering women for over 20 years by reawakening us to those wonderful lost ancient traditions of Woman Wisdom

During her online “Red Tent” course I was introduced to the “Goddess Makeover”, which I began to work through alone. But after experiencing some profound shifts within myself, I decided to share the journey because I knew that the experience would be richer within a circle of women. And this is how our Goddess Gatherings have come about


Tanishka introduces us to 7 Goddesses, who she believes best represent our 7 main energy centers (chakra). She takes us through a 7 step program towards experiencing the true power of our feminine essence

“Unlike the quick fix exterior makeovers that fade when you take a shower, this insightful and life affirming journey of self discovery will empower your feminine sense of self for a life time”

Hence why it tickled my interest

But you know what, women have ALWAYS gathered in circles, they’ve just taken on different forms over the years

How many Tupperware parties have you been invited to ?

Come on ladies, were they really about the plastic containers ?

Women are intuitively guided to gather together because sharing and supporting each other kinda comes naturally for most of us. But dont you think its kinda odd that things like Tupperware, lingerie and makeup parties relate to being a “good wife” who is gathering stocks for her kitchen and finding ways to better stimulate and satisfy her husband by “looking good”

Hmmmmmmm … she ponders

Thank fuck for those sexually liberated friends sending out invitations to sex toy parties and Goddess gatherings. Those of us who seek to empower women to be ALL they can be, instead of confining ourselves to those patriarchal “good” boxes

My gatherings with women have always included family and friends. So I was thrilled when my Mam, both sisters and a few friends showed interest in this Goddess makeover because I knew it would bring a more personal sense of meaning and purpose to our circles … and it IS ☺

What I love most about Tanishkas 7 step program is how she guides us towards our own individual stories, which we then share in circle. Our gatherings are focusing on how old stories from our past have shaped and influence our experiences. This helps us to identify any tensions and conflicts that are holding us back or limiting us. Those things that are blocking our flow of energy and preventing us from living our truest potential

My role as facilitator is to provide the space, resources and tools to experience and support our personal journey of discovery, that we each move through at home at our own pace. I strive to encourage each woman to step out of her comfort zone, where she begins to tap into her own creative power, which she also shares in circle

The circle itself then takes on a power all of its own

It becomes a circle of transformation

A sacred space where we are all supported and nurtured during our process of healing and growth, which is why … “Each time women gather in circles with one another the world heals a little more”  ❤

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