A Dogs Purpose


At the moment I have very few words to speak out loud

Only …

My darling, I’m so very sorry for your loss

Unspoken words flow freely from my heart and fall down onto the keyboard

As once again, I bare witness to your broken heart

Mothers instinct wants to hold onto you ever so tightly and take away the hurt that rips you open

But I know I must stand back, hold space and allow you to feel it

To grow from it

So I hold you and my heart breaks open too

Our tears flow from somewhere deep

Yes, we’ve been here before

And each time its as hard as the last

What is the purpose of a dog ?

A dog comes into our lives and teaches us about unconditional love

They challenge us to be better

Offering us faithful companionship and trusted friendship

Wagging tails and slobbery kisses

Expecting nothing but our time and attention to the present moment

But what if our doggy selection holds a deeper purpose ?

What if a dogs soul is reincarnated and comes back to us ?

We recently spoke about how Laska reminded us of Saffron

Both of them having similar uncanny features and personalities

  Did Saffrons soul return to settle unfinished business ?

Its no secret that my choice to put Saffron to sleep still haunts me

Feelings of guilt still linger

Because as a protective mother I never gave you the option to be present

So here we are again …

In the veterinary surgery, but this time Laskas weak body lays on the table

And I’m so very very sorry that you must go through such pain again

Unable and unwilling to stay strong

My heart opens

Tears flow

And I bare witness to you …

My devoted daughter stroking your beloved little one ever so tenderly

Completely present as she takes her final breath

And I’m in awe of your courage and your strength

Time and time again you teach me so much about life and love

Over and over again I admire and respect the amazing woman you are becoming

As tragic and unfortunate as this is

In the depths of my heart I know the universe orchestrated something we sometimes struggle to understand

Both Saffron and Laska were brought to you because you needed them and they needed you

I believe that a soul is connected to yours

I trust that when the time is right the universe will bring you back together again

Today, we say farewell to her flesh

But know this …

Her spirit energy will forever and always be with you

You will hear it in the roar of the waves that lash up against the shore

You will see it in the twinkle of a star

You will feel it in the gentle breeze that blows soft kisses on your cheek

My darling, I love you so very very much


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