Changing habits isn’t always hard to do


I’ll be completely honest with you, I didn’t really want to QUIT coffee and I’m not even trying to. It’s kinda gone away on its own accord, without having had any nasty withdrawals. The odd time I do have a cup of coffee, I experience some pretty severe heart palpitations that resemble an anxiety attack, so I’m obviously NOT enjoying it.

For months now, I’ve been opting for a morning cup of tea instead. And I’m never having coffee during the day or while on night duty these days.

As I poured myself this mornings cup of tea, I reflected over my changing habits and thought I’d share these thoughts with you. Because I’m experiencing some shifts within myself that’s starting to have a positive impact unconsciously.

But first lets talk about coffee … 

There’s plenty of research out there that informs us about both the positive and negative effects of caffeine.

According to research caffeine can cause insomnia, nervousness, restlessness and stomach upsets. Excessive amounts causing headaches, anxiety, agitation, irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. Therefore, we increase our experiences of stress and tension and our risk of dis-ease and heart attack

That’s a whole lot of negatives isn’t it. Not to worry there are some positive effects too. It’s said to reduce the risk of Parkinson disease and Dementia. It also increases concentration and memory.


Well, the benefits are hardly surprising, considering the stimulating effects that caffeine has on our mind and body. But are they really beneficial for our health and well-being if we suffer the negative short and long term effects ?

Like many, I abused coffee because I relied upon it to uplift me. I “thought” it was the quickest and easiest way to switch my brain on and BE pro-active.

However, caffeine is an addictive drug so we soon become dependent on it. So it’s kinda a big deal that it’s just going away all on its own, without any effort.

Why ?
How ?

Most likely because I’m consciously focusing on any unhealthy habits I have. I’m becoming more aware of myself: beliefs, thoughts, emotions, energy, behavioural patterns etc. I’m actively participating in the opening and healing process. My intention is to create better health and well being and I’m focused on positive change and growth.

So, it hasn’t really just going away all on its own is it. I’m actually intently working on making better choices and creating positive change in my life. Changes that don’t happen overnight, but as an ongoing process its starting to have a positive impact on my mind and body.

The reason I’m sharing these thoughts with you, isn’t to brag about my successes. Its to give you something to reflect over, which will hopefully have a positive impact on your choices.

My coffee habit isn’t the only thing leaving my life with a little more ease and a little less tension. This is something that excites me. Because it reflects a shift in my consciousness. A breakthrough in my mind 💡

What am I doing differently ?

I’m self caring more
I’m meditating more
I’m opening up to my truth more
I’m connecting to myself more

Therefore, it seems that my body is naturally becoming more reactive and less tolerant to artificial stimulants.

Although I still have plenty of bad habits to change, its kinda nice to know that some changes are starting to happen a little more naturally ☺

I strongly believe that we ALL have the ability to create the life we imagine. A life filled with health, wealth and happiness. It all begins with a CHOICE to start making the necessary changes. Then we continue each day, striving to create better choices. All the while being gentle with ourselves when we fuck up, which we will because we’re ALL a work in progress

Mindful interaction

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