Stories shape our reality and create our future


Stories are told by a story teller … but where do the stories come from ?

Our experiences, imaginations and insights are inspired by our senses: what we see, what we hear, what we touch, what we smell, what we taste, what we feel and what we intuitively know.

Sometimes information begins to surface from deep within our consciousness

Are they things that we’ve always known or is it new information coming in ?

Hmmmmmmm she ponders with a smile

I think its fair to say that a story is based on an individual experience

Therefore … we are ALL story tellers

EVERY story that we have ever been told is based on someone elses perspective about an experience. Whether it be a historical document, a religious text, a scientific theory or a fairy tale.

Therefore, is it realistic to believe that someone elses truth is ours ?

” There is your truth and there is my truth. As for the universal truth, it doesn’t exist” (A. Tripathi)

I challenge you to STOP wasting time and energy arguing about why your truth is better than mine. I challenge you to focus on standing more comfortably in your own truth. I challenge you to fully embrace the truth of others and learn from their experience.

Imagine …

How many less wars would happen ?

How many less lives would be lost ?

How many less arguments would be started ?

How many less hearts would need to be broken open ?

I believe there is only a perception of truth: mine, yours and theirs. I believe this because my own truth is forever changing. But that’s the wonderful thing about stories. Each chapter is filled with a wonderful variety of different experiences.

Our life experience IS our story

Stories have been told since time immortal. They are told to entertain, educate, explain, inspire, intrigue, warn, inform and persuade.

The story teller is communicating an experience and sharing a message

A GREAT story teller connects with our heart and engages with our minds

A GREAT story has several important elements

The main character is seen as the “hero” who seeks to resolve an important tension or conflict. The moral of the story being how they and WE become “better” for navigating through it

So, I pose the questions …

Are you the hero of your own story ?

What tensions and conflicts are you navigating through ?

How are your experiences shaping your reality and creating your future ?

What stories do you believe ?

What stories are you sharing ?

Mindful interaction


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