Dare to manifest your dreams


Do YOU dare to manifest your dream ?

Here are some great questions that will help you to discover exactly what and why you want to manifest …

Are you clear about what it is you want to manifest ?
What do you truly desire ?
Does thinking about it excite you ?
Would this desire hurt anyone ?
How would it positively impact on your life and the life of others ?
Are you willing to do whatever it takes to manifest this dream into reality ?

Reflect over y0ur answers because what we think and how we feel influences our energetic vibration, which impacts on what we will ultimately attract into our lives. So, the more gratitude, joy and excitement we feel, the more Universe will respond to that vibration and our desires and dreams will begin to manifest much quicker.

But successful manifesting demands us to be in the heart space of FEELING ❤

Diving deeper into our thoughts and feelings helps us to clear out anything that may be blocking the flow of energy between us and Universe. Our blockages are any negative thought patterns, unexpressed emotions and/or limiting beliefs that prevent the natural flow of energy. These are our biggest obstacles that prevent us from successfully manifesting our desires, achieving our dreams, living a life of abundance and creating the life we imagine.

We also need to be clear about the feeling we want to experience.

For example …

A desire to manifest more money is generally related to the want to experience more freedom. A desire for a soul mate is generally related to the want to experience more love. A desire to manifest a dream job is generally related to the want to experience more creativity and inspiration. Experiencing more freedom, love, creativity and inspiration in our lives not only brings more joy to our own lives, it also empowers us to inspire others to do the same.

When we want to feed back good energy into our world, then our intentions are to serve the greater good. Universe likes this ALOT and will conspire to make your wildest dreams come true. However, we must be prepared to receive some unexpected twists and turns because sometimes we need to experience something important before we are able to fully receive our desire. So it may feel like we are going off track and going in the opposite direction to what we actually want to manifest.

Trusting this is challenging and we can start to loose heart, but we are being guided towards an experience that’s creating space and preparing us to receive what we asked for. At times it may feel like the Universe is testing us … it is

When we choose to manifest our desires, our path can often change direction, which impacts on our own life and the lives of others. Our choices may cause indirect harm if we are no longer satisfying the needs of someone else.

For example …

If we decide that we want to manifest our dream job, then we might need to further our education. Maybe our classes occur at the same time as our son goes to soccer practice, that we have always attended. So we disappoint our son by not being there to support him.

If we decide we want to manifest a more satisfying relationship, then we might need to let go of the relationship we are currently in. So we hurt our partner when we tell them that the relationship is over.

But we need to ask ourselves …

Do we feel responsible for the other persons experience, and if so … WHY ?

Each of us are here to follow our own path, learning and growing from our own experiences on our journey. If we feel responsible for someone elses life, are we truly following our own path or are we living out someone elses life, based on the expectations that others have of us ?

We can often convince ourselves that our needs come secondary to our family.

Our dreams and desires put aside until our son graduates high school, until our daughter successfully achieves her goals, until our children leave home, until our husband is in a better paying job, until we loose all of our excess weight, until we have this, until we find that, until we feel ready.

What the fuck are we waiting for ?

“Never allow waiting to become a habit.  Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening NOW”

The bigger our dream, the deeper our desire will be and the more effort will be required to successfully manifest it …

So, if YOU are willing to commit to creating the reality you imagine, then you are ready to start manifesting. If you’re keen to explore this further then click on the link below and enjoy creating your own kinda magic with the support and guidance of Sarah Prout ❤


And feel free to follow my progress as I manifest my own desires into reality

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