Athena : the Goddess of Wisdom and War


The Inner Goddess Makeover, by Tanishka … “a map for empowering he feminine within”
Last month at our Goddess book club gathering, Tanishka introduced us to our inner Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and War, governed by our Solar Plexus

Stepping into our own Personal Power

According to Greek mythology Athena was the daughter of Zeus (God of Sky and Thunder) and Sophia (Goddess of Wisdom). Zeus swallowed his pregnant wife whole because he feared that his child would be wiser than himself. Athena, determined to full fill her destiny was born from her Fathers head. This is symbolic of our need to individuate from our Dads influence and to question any thoughts that keep us confined to his world view

Athena energy is the part of us that wont shy away from a challenge

Career focused, she is driven towards achieving success and will fight for just cause and purpose. She is the part of us who listens to her head more than her heart, which often causes some tension and conflict with our Aphrodite energy, who is governed by her heart

“To become truly wise we must experience both success and failure. Because vulnerability provokes reflection and life changes”

For me, this is another chapter rich in self discovery, reinforcing some of the inner work Ive been doing for some time now. Ive already explored who has and does influence my beliefs around self worth, relationships, work and money. So acknowledging the individuation process from our Fathers influence had a profound effect on my experience

Ive learned that when my own inner masculine energy hasn’t been acknowledged or balanced, I have sought out male attention and company, instead of focusing on balancing my own energy. Ive learned that when I have done this, I have made choices and selected mates based on my inability to fulfill my own needs, which has created unhealthy attachments that have lead towards the formation of codependent relationships. This is why I have lost the sense of myself and this is how I have created experiences full of tension and conflict

Hmmmmm … she ponders

Some ugly truths confronted but a huge and very significant lesson to learn


As women, our relationship with our Father has a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves, the choice of mate we select and how we think about work and money. Lets be clear, I am in no way suggesting that our Father is responsible for any experiences we have, whether they are good or bad. I am only pointing out how his presence or lack there of, has an influence on our lives

How does our mind belong to our Dad ?

How physically/emotionally present was our Dad during childhood ?

What limiting beliefs do we have around self worth, work and money ?

What is our greatest fear of failure ?

What is our Dads life lesson ?

How have we internalized this and are trying to complete it for him ?

Although I have my own opinions, I’m looking forward to asking my Dad these questions directly and having a conversation with him about it. Fortunately my Dad thrives on anything that’s likely to spark off a good debate

I was brought up in a middle class family. My Father was and still is a hard working man who takes his responsibilities very seriously. Ive acknowledged some limiting beliefs around money that is changing how I think and feel about work. I’m learning that the only way to live a life of abundance is to believe that we are worthy of having it. This shift in perception has been the catalyst for some big changes in my life, which has and is literally opening up my world to other opportunities and possibilities

I have finally stepped into the ACTION part of one of my manifesting quotes

DREAM it .. IMAGINE it .. BELIEVE it .. ACTION it .. CREATE it .. LIVE it

According to Tanishka, our inner Goddess of Wisdom and War is governed by our Solar Plexus, which is located in the abdomen


This is the core of our personality, identity and ego

Our energy center, where we seek out a mental understanding of our emotional self and  its where we balance our mind, our heart and our instinct

This chakra influences our will power, confidence, self discipline and self esteem

This is where we literally plug in to our own sense of POWER

This is where energy is transformed into ACTION

When we are REACTIVE our solar plexus is imbalanced

When we are INACTIVE our solar plexus is blocked

When we are PROACTIVE our solar plexus is open and energy is flowing


If you want to gauge how your PERSONAL POWER is then ask yourself …

Do you choose love, light and healing ?

Do you accept that you have the power to change ?

Do you feel a sense of freedom when you make a choice ?

SELF LOVE is at the core of this and every other chakra energy

Self love, self acceptance, self awareness and self worth are the building blocks of this energy center, which helps us to meet our challenges and move forward

When our solar plexus is open and balanced we value ourselves and the work we do. We are confident in our ability to do something. We are willing to express ourselves. We know that we have the freedom to choose and we become the director of our own life

“We have the power to choose to live our purpose (or) live out the karma from past experiences” … the choice is always ours to make


The lessons of this energy is to balance our strengths and shadow traits

Some of those lessons being ….

To recognize that our self worth is dependent upon our inner sense of being

To balance productivity & reflection to succeed both personally & professionally

To mentor those younger and less skilled without fearing they will out shine us

To trust that our intuition is our own sense of power and authority

To fully appreciate our Dads gifts and flaws and own them in ourselves

To validate our emotions by expressing them, instead of rationalizing them

To use money wisely to cover our needs before our wants

To not resent the success of others, but see it as a mirror of whats possible for us


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