We are mirror images of each other


As a reformed People Pleaser, there was a time when I would suffer all kinds of emotional anguish when I thought someone didn’t like me

Oh how times have changed

How did it change ?

I started to challenge those thoughts and ask myself …

What am I doing that may cause this person to not like me ?

Why am I doing it ?

How is what I’m doing unpleasing them ?

Why do I feel responsible for pleasing them ?

The answers are insightful ☺

Now, I notice those things that I dont like in others more and more

I observe how its reflective in me, by asking myself …

What are they doing that I dont like ?

Why does it trigger me ?

How does it make me feel ?

When am I doing this in my own life ?

What we think and how we feel will determine what kind of people we attract and what kind of experience we will have

Those experiences are neither right nor wrong

Those experiences are neither good nor bad

They are experiences that WE choose for our own learning and growth

That IS our journey

When we begin to tire of something or someone, it either holds no more value or they have no more purpose in our lives

We no longer need it

We have healed that part of ourselves and will hopefully no longer attract it

I believe more and more that we are ALL mirror images of each other

I believe more and more that people will flow in and out of our lives depending upon what we choose, what we need, what we tolerate and what we accept

I believe more and more that together we are ONE

Mindful interaction

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