Artemis – our inner Medicine Woman


The Inner Goddess Makeover, by Tanishka  … “a map for empowering he feminine within”

The Goddesses explored our inner Medicine Woman last month, which Tanishka connects to our Throat chakra.

According to Greek mythology Artemis (a symbol of the moon) and her twin brother Apollo (a symbol of the sun) were hatched out of the cosmic world egg. Artemis was a warrior and huntress, with a fiery temper, who lived in the mountains, where she gained higher insights. She studied and imitated the wild creatures she cohabited with, using those skills to outsmart her enemies. Unleashing the Calydon Boar when angered or upset, but no man could ever kill it. However, a young heroine bravely stood her ground until the boar got close enough to spear it through the only vulnerable spot, the eye.

This being symbolic of how men are unable to appease a woman on the war path, because only another woman can truly understand the core wound, which is the cause of the problem.

I can totally relate to how other women are mirrors that either validate our strength or reflect our shadow. And I strongly believe that the more openly we talk about this, the more we learn about ourselves, the more we understand each other and the deeper we heal.

Although Artemis was destined not to marry and be forever “a woman unto herself” dedicating her life to the service of others, she did have many lovers, both male and female and she only ever loved one man (Orion), whom she accidently shot and killed during a target challenge set by her brother.

The moral of this story is “harmonious and sustainable union with our opposite is only possible when we connect with our receptive feminine energies rather than attack the masculine principle in a spirit of competition and war” and until we resolve our own wounds then we unconsciously react and wound others.

Hmmmmmm … she ponders

YES, this was yet another insightful and challenging energy center to explore.


Tanishka explains how often a catalyst such as separation, divorce or a death can initiate our inner Artemis into action. Because during such times we can have a strong desire to reclaim our independence, reconnect with ourselves and regain a new perspective. In reflection I recall my first experience with this energy center, which was the death of my Grandfather in 2000. This was my catalyst for change, which led to my divorce, my desire for personal and professional development and my pursuit for truth. And each time my heart has broken, I’ve experienced this energy a little more deeply.

I identified how all of my heart wounds were related to loss and change, which was of no great surprise. I also acknowledged that for the most part of 10 years I’ve preferred to have casual love affairs, which I explored a little further.

When I asked myself WHY ?

Universe blessed me with a TRIGGER that helped me to identify the underlying FEAR of loosing myself in relationship. This stemmed back to my very first intimate relationship with my husband and my first heart HURT in love.

Universe soon after blessed me with an EXPERIENCE that showed me the beauty of loosing ourselves in relationship. A recent family crisis provided me with an opportunity to witness how LOVE is so much stronger than the FEAR of loss.

It still blows my mind every time Universe responds to us

The THROAT chakra …

… is our COMMUNICATION center


As the communication center, this energy is not only responsible for communicating within ourselves (mind-body-spirit), its also responsible for communicating with other people (speaking our truths & actively listening to others). So you can appreciate how important an OPEN throat chakra is to our overall lived experience.

The throat chakra is the first higher spiritual chakra, which allows us to seek knowledge beyond the limitations of time, space, cultural and family conditioning. Its where we express our thoughts and feelings from our power center (solar plexus). Its important to note that the only way we can effectively express our authentic truth is to have energy flowing freely from all previous 4 chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus and heart)


Opening and balancing our 1st (root) and 2nd (sacral) chakra helps us to acknowledge and overcome any fear that blocks our energy flow. Opening and balancing our 3rd (solar plexus) chakra helps us to tap into our personal power and increases our confidence to express ourselves. Opening and balancing our 4th (heart) chakra helps us to know what is in our hearts, which then helps to open our 5th (throat) chakra and verbalize our needs, desires and opinions with more ease and more authentic truth.

Having more insight into what and how our energy centers are influenced, its easy to understand why many people don’t do the “inner work” because its time consuming and confronting. I can also appreciate why we sometimes stay silent or say what others want to hear, especially when our truth causes tension, discomfort and conflict.

Speaking our truth demands complete honesty, but authentic expression of our thoughts and feelings is often suppressed out of fear. We fear not being accepted and we fear being judged. However, when we choose not to communicate our truth, our inner tension and outer conflict increases, leading to feelings of stress, which many believe turns into dis-ease.


Some of the LESSONS of this energy center is to …

Take full responsibility to HEAL ourselves

Embrace time alone in SOLITUDE

Identify missing pieces of our psyche (conscious/unconscious mind)

BELIEVE that we are able to fulfill our own needs


Rely and TRUST in our own inner knowing

ALLOW others to care for us when needed

As I learn more and more about how my own energy centers function, block, open and flow, the more I understand how this supports us in flowing and creating with Universe, breathing life into our dreams and living the life we imagine. This gives me some serious goosy bump feel goods

Mindful interaction

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