Growing in love


To love and to be loved,
is why I am are here.

But when it comes to love,
there are no absolutes.
For my truth differs from yours,
depending on our relationship with love.

My truth is …

I want to be someones absolute truth,
and love with a sense of abandonment.
But I have no desire of becoming someones absolute,
for to abandon ourselves in love,
is the greatest tragedy of all.

One of the hardest lessons I have learned.

I have falling into love many times over,
and suffered the break of an opening heart.
And after abandoning myself in love,
have been left alone to clean up my internal bleeding.

I am a little older and hopefully a little wiser,
and choose to love myself with complete abandonment.

My focus,
is to rise above my fears and heal my hurts.

the more attachments I consciously cut,
the deeper my connection to self, other, Nature and Universe becomes.
And the more love flows in and out of my heart.

Truth is,
when we begin to love ourselves,
our relationships with everyone else changes.

Seasons … Reasons … Life times

With love and understanding,
my life time relationships strengthen and deepen.

Trusting that every relationship serves a purpose,
helps me to find the reason,
which deepens my feelings of love.

Accepting the loss of a relationship,
enables me to flow,
with my own seasonal changes and life transitions.

And I continue to grow in love,
regardless of my relationship status.

Mindful interaction

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