BE the change our world seeks



Whether you believe that peace on Earth is a realistic goal to achieve or an unattainable dream … YOU are right


Whether you believe that sacred union with your beloved is within reach or an unrealistic fantasy … YOU are right


Whether you believe magic exists as an energy flowing within and around us or is make believe … YOU are right


Whatever we BELIEVE is truth, we LIVE and experience that truth as our reality.

Ive been reflecting as my own reality begins to go through some very big changes, and thought I’d share the process as I’m experiencing it for myself. In the hope that it may offer some insight, to those of you who seek to create change in your own lives.

How do we change our reality ?

Dream it .. Imagine it .. Believe it .. Action it .. Create it .. Live it

I keep repeating this mantra because I believe it breaks down the stages we move through really well. It helps me to identify where I’m stuck and why the energy isn’t flowing. I often check in with myself and ask …

Is this my own dream I am creating ?

Can I imagine what this new reality would look and feel like ?

Do I believe in my ability to create this reality ? Do I believe I am worthy of this reality ?

What am I doing to help the dream come to life ?

Our answers then serve to guide us

If we seek to change our experience and create a different reality, then we must actively work on removing any blocks, that may be preventing the flow of energy between ourselves and Universe. Because we need this energy to help us create the change.

How do we flow with Universe ?

Well, there are those who will try and convince us that we only need to BE love and ever present, while gazing up at the stars and manifesting with the moon. While others tell us to live a more conscious life with open heart and mind, while offering limited guidance into how the actual fuck we do it.

Its not enough to just stand in the light with intentions of being forever loving. That kind of thinking only serves to avoid the truth of who we really are. Which is a beautiful combination of complex contradictions.

For our spiritual growth to be sustainable, we need to maintain a solid foundation of self. Otherwise its all just airy fairy fleeting talk, which only leads to more wounding of self and others.

Its time to get REAL !!!

By challenging and changing our thinking, ridding ourselves of any limiting beliefs. Allowing our emotions to rise and flow without restriction. Accepting our shadow self and integrating our polarities. Healing our heart hurts and overcoming our fears.

Yes, spiritual growth takes ALOT of work and its work that no one else can see, which can become very disheartening at times. Especially when you’re not yet seeing the results you want. Especially when you’re sitting in the midst of chaos. Especially when you feel and look like complete shit. Especially when you’re loosing, hurting, failing, breaking and struggling in life.

My darling, keep on pushing through because YOU are worth it, is what I often say to myself during those times.

Alas, diving into ourselves is time consuming and standing in our truth isn’t always so easy to do. Because we often avoid and deny aspects of ourselves, when its difficult to confront the truth of who we really are.

However, if we don’t actively stand in and express our truth, then it can bubble up under the surface. Causing all kinds of internal confusions and challenges, that spill over into all other areas of our lives. Causing all kinds of external conflicts and catastrophes. Until eventually change is forced upon us.

And we acknowledge the truth as it really is, which is an essential part of our journey towards self love, following our passion, living our purpose and ultimately creating the life we imagine.

Striving towards peace on Earth, soul connections, divine union with our beloved and living a life of magic requires growth. So trusting that this process has divine purpose is how I’m learning to flow with a little more ease, especially during times of uncertainty.

Because its during our uncertainties that we begin to experience our biggest resistance, which can cause more tension and conflict and hurt more than the actual growing pains themselves.

Yes, growth is painful.

As we drop the masks, knock down the walls and rip off the band aids, we find the wounds festering beneath the surface.

The healing begins …

As we observe and process our conflicting thoughts, our minds OPEN and we begin to experience more tensions and conflicts within ourselves and our relationships.

As we allow and flow with our emotions  our hearts OPEN and we begin to feel our way through the experiences.

We need to prepare ourselves for the truth that it WILL get hard, we WILL want to seek escape from ourselves, we WILL seek out love from others and we WILL want to quit

In our solitudinal bliss we WILL also experience our deepest and darkest depths of despair

This is all part of the change process and if we resist this state of being, then we remain stuck, we experience stress and we suffer, which I believe is the primary cause of dis-EASE.

So, when I begin to feel tensions, conflicts, resistance, avoidance, stuckness and stress I start checking in with myself, by asking …

What am I thinking ?

What am I feeling ?

What am I doing ?

What am I avoiding ?

What am I imagining ?

I strongly believe that its not enough to want and wish for change. We must be willing to do the work and I’m learning the importance of asking the right questions. So I ask YOU …

Are you living the life you imagine ?


Is life an ongoing struggle for you ?

If you want to create a different reality, then I challenge you to accept complete responsibility for your experience. I invite you to seek support and dive deeper into yourself. Explore your deepest thoughts and feelings. Connect with your inner self, others, Nature and Universe. I encourage you to stand in and express your truth, however beautiful or ugly it is. And I suggest that you fall in love with yourself.

Dare to BE the change that our world seeks

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