Blogging on the bog


Sometimes, shit happens !!!

But are you like me, and wonder WHY ?

Why must we go through the shit to learn and grow ?

And why the fuck does the worst shit always happen to good people ?

Yup, here I am just pondering over the purpose of shit



And I’m thinking, that although our minds are truly remarkable creations, its our heart that is the KEY to creating the life we imagine.

I believe …

Our ability to break OPEN our hearts and FEEL unlocks our minds to other possibilities.

Unlocking the blockages
Allowing energy to flow
Freeing us from our minds
Expanding our consciousness

Our heart being the key that holds the power to create,

which guides us towards the magic

But, I pose the question …

Must our hearts break open ?

We can only speak from our own personal experience and learn from others who share their experiences with us. But it seems that a broken heart is either a dreadful tragedy or its rich in purpose, depending on how we think about it.

But our experience of loss seems to be essential in the process

Perhaps being the polarity of love, it brings balance ?

So, I pose the question …

Must we feel loss to truly value love ?

Hmmmmmm she ponders šŸ¤”

It all comes down to this …

Life is like toilet paper, you’re either on a roll or you’re wiping up shit

Mindfulinteraction ā¤

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