Lets explore our disappointments


They say to avoid disappointment then don’t expect too much from others, but I disagree because I am the TOO much kinda woman 😊

How can we ever live the kinda life we imagine if we keep lowering our expectations of others?

I want YOU to rise up and be ALL you can be ❀

But your choices DO impact on my experiences and therefore determine my choices

So, we must ask ourselves …

Do we want to linger in feelings of resentment because someone isn’t living up to our expectations (or) are we willing to take complete responsibility for our own experiences ?

This has been a BIG switch in my thinking that’s making all the difference to my experiences 😊

TRUTH is disappointment is a big part of our lives because we ALL want and need things from each other. Therefore, to gain insight into our feelings of disappointment we must first look at our own wants and needs.

Ask yourself …

What do I want?
What do I need?
Have I communicated my wants and needs?
Can the other person fullfill my wants?
Are they satisfying my needs?

Truth is our disappointments are all about US and present themselves to teach US something

By holding another person responsible for our experience, we are giving someone else power over our experience. So, how can we RISE in our own power if we keep giving it away ?

Sure, we could waste precious time and energy with our internal conflicts that motivate us to be in conflict with other (or) we can ACCEPT that our wants and needs change as we do 😊

And this my friends, is how we respect each others choices and move forward with LOVE in our hearts

Mindful interaction ❀

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