Fall in love with yourself


Valentines DAY (or) Single Awareness DAY

Hmmmmmm … she ponders πŸ€”

As I scroll through the newsfeeds, I realize that it’s a day that reflects how we truly think, feel and experience intimate LOVE ❀

Some are all loved up with their “other halves,”
while others are wishing they weren’t alone.

Some are hoping for more from their partners,
while others are waiting for love to find them.

Some are burning in the passions of new love,
while others are growing in deeper connections.

Like many of you, I’ve experienced this day both in and out of relationship. So its another day that brought alot of reflection for me …

So I thought I’d share 😊


When we choose to flow with love EVERY DAY then Valentines day becomes just another day to share the love, whether we’re in or out of relationship with another ❀

But I haven’t always “believed” this

There was a time when I was the other half in relationship. A woman who felt incomplete without the presence of a man she loved. Creating unhealthy attachments & dependencies, that intensified my feelings of grief & loss when a relationship came to an end.

There was a time when I was the single woman seeking or avoiding male company. A woman who felt alone in her own company, which increased my feelings of loneliness and a sense of longing to share my life with another.

There was a time when my relationship lacked the romance and passion I desired. A woman who yearned for a lover to fan my innner flame, which increased my feelings of frustration as I struggled to settle for less than in relationship.

ALL experiences rich in lessons of SELF LOVE ❀

Today, as a much wiser 43 year old woman, I feel open to the love that flows from WITHIN myself, which is making all the difference to how I think, feel and experience this day and every other day that follows because I’ve finally fallen in love with ME πŸ˜€

Mindful interaction ❀

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