The beauty of death


As I read these words,
I contemplate over my own journey.
Working in Aged Care,
death has been a constant companion.
Opening up to the fall in love,
has broken me open to deeper truths.
My fears lessening over the years,
death and loss becoming teachers.
Aware of deaths ever powerful presence,
whenever it enters the room.
Sometimes rushing in suddenly,
while other times it lingers in the shadows.
For days, weeks, months or even years,
before carrying a soul to the other side.
But its not death we fear,
its fear itself.
For when the moment of death finally arrives,
there is often relief, silence and peace.
Transformation occuring before our very eyes,
yet our fear blinds us.
Tears fall from the ducts of loved ones,
because they sense their own loss.
But those with minds open to other possibility,
see more than a lifeless body before them.
The open hearted feel the rush of energy,
when breath transforms into spirit.
Like birth,
the experience can be beautiful.
A moment in time,
to be cherished forever.
Yet we struggle to witness the beauty,
because we connect to the body.
Our focus on the flesh,
instead of feeling the warmth of energy.
That radiates from the soul,
forever through all space and time.
As death dances closer towards those I love,
I can’t help but wonder.
What if we didn’t fear you?
How would it alter our experience of life?
If we knew when death comes for us,
would we choose to live a different life?
If we fear the loss,
then are we choosing to live in fear?
If we’re open to live in a deeper sense of love,
how do we let go of what we fear to loose?
Hmmmmmmm, she ponders.
Many nights I’ve laid down in my bed,
alone with such thoughts in the darkness.
My own fears lurking in the shadows,
threatening to distinguish my own inner flame.
If I dare to stay in the depths of my mind too long.
But to let go of all we fear to loose,
we must first acknowledge the fear itself.
Something that has the ability to break us,
opening up our tender loving hearts to feel it.
We ask ourselves,
How do I loosen my grip on what I fear to loose,
when my fear causes me to hold on tighter?
Then we sit in the silence,
and listen to the answer we already know.
Release it and surrender,
because LOVE forever flows through YOU

Mindful interaction ❤

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