Surrender to the solitude


Sometimes I not only embrace the solitude,
I crave it.
While other times its endured.
Feeling the need to reach out,
because I struggle with being alone.
Yet compelled to pull back,
deeper into myself.
And I wonder,
Why the fuck must I travel this journey alone,
while others share life with their others?
Love forever guides me,
yet never lingers long enough to grow.
Why does my path twist & turn in roundabouts,
while others seem to know the way home?
Deeper truths discovered,
but I’m forever spiralling down.
Into an abyss of ever expanding spaces,
that seek experiences to keep filling the gaps.
But I wonder,
Am I destined to be forever the lone wolf lover,
or am I fated to live life with my other?
The passion within me keeps rising,
relentless in its need for release.
Yet here I am,
alone with my desires.
What the fuck am I to do with this fire,
that keeps burning deep inside of me?
I fear the flame may become a raging inferno,
and cause mass destruction to all in its path.
What if it all burns down in a blaze of glory?
The Goddess tells us to RISE UP and SHINE !!!
But what if we stand too tall,
and burn to brightly?
Hush now,
say the whisperings of my soul.
Listen to the silence

Mindful interaction ❤

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