Dear Soul Sisters


No matter what,
just keep on …

Shining in your beauty,
roaring in your anger,
howling in your madness,
burning in your passions and
rising in your power.

Because you are the wild ones,
women of contradiction.

Dancing between the extremes,
of your polarities,
while exploring the grey areas of life.

You are the truth seekers,
the dream chasers,
the magic makers,
the fairy whispers,
the moon worshippers,
the potion mixers,
the star gazers,
the heart healers.

You are the ones
bathing under the moonlight,
sparkling in the sunlight,
dancing with your shadows,
and standing in your storms.

You are the ones
walking barefoot,
diving into oceans,
climbing mountains,
and chasing rainbows.

Learning to balance inbetween worlds,
as you create new realities.

You are the ones
refusing to settle,
seeking an extraordinary love.

Releasing unhealthy attachments,
and deepening your connections.

No longer willing to fall,
because you are RISING in love.

Mindful interaction ❤

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