The STORM of all storms


Words is all I have to offer right now, but they flow from my open heart. So I hope they fall upon you gently as you read.

I’ve been through some mighty challenging emotional storms while here in the UK. But the biggest is happening right now. Afew weeks ago our family was hit with the devastating news, that both of our beloved parents now have what the Doctors say is “incurable” cancer. News that’s knocked the wind out of each and everyone of us.

As I flow through my own personal storm, I’m so very grateful for the presence of the man I love. He neither tries to rescue me nor fears the storm, which is exactly what I need, even when it’s not always what I want. During the chaos of the storm, my shadow stuff shows up. Self sabotage that tries to push away that what I fear to loose. Yet, he not only stays, he waits. He not only holds me, he lets me go.

The last few weeks have tested us all, as our greatest fears and deepest wounds begin to manifest into our reality. Its a storm that still rages, but we sail in the same ship (so to speak). Each one of us with special skills that play an important role in the challenges that lie ahead of us.

Imagine, a crew aboard a mighty ship, sailing through a great storm … that’s my family.

Being here, I feel helpless, as if watching my family far out at sea, fighting for their lives. A desperation that screams deep within me because I can’t reach them and I can’t save them. Unable to do anything other than watch from a distance and pray.

It’s a feeling that keeps bringing me to my knees into a state of sweet surrender. A place that opens me up to a rush of energy that keeps lifting me back up. Building an inner strength that fills the warrior of love with light.

Yes, that is who I AM

I AM a warrior of love and I work with the light. I dive willingly into the depths of darkness and dance with the shadows of the mind, because I can see the flickers of light within it and YOU.

I have faith in my family and respect the purpose of this storm of all storms. I call upon Universe and completely trust in the process. Because when a “cure” isn’t available, then we are invited to dig deeper into each of our personal resources and support the HEALING.

Mindful interaction ❤

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