Why do we write in our journal ?


I bought a new journal, made myself comfortable, picked up a pen and began to write a few paragraphs, before reminding myself that I was going to BLOG my thoughts and feelings as they flow, instead of journalling them.

But its proving to be a little more challenging to DO than I realized. Because journal writing is a very personal process. For me, like many, its how I explore, navigate and better understand my “inner world”.

The part of ourselves we don’t share so easily, for fear of judgement …

My journals are full of questions that I ask myself and ponder over, hopes and dreams I’m actively working towards, tensions and conflicts I explore, challenges and fears I acknowledge and strive to overcome, triggers I identify, problems I seek solutions to, wounds I’m healing and the thoughts and feelings about my every day experiences.

ALL of my writing helps me to clarify the many thoughts that run around in my head and any emotions I struggle to fully understand and express.

My inner tensions and conflict …

Thoughts and feelings that are NOT always positive, pleasant and at times may not make much sense.

Like you, some of my thoughts can be irrational, illogical, pessimistic and conflicting. Like you, some of my emotions can be uncomfortable, confusing and difficult to express. Like you, some of my experiences are a little more challenging to understand and explain. Like you, I sometimes wonder if others think and feel the same way I do.

Hence why I share my writing …

But if truth be told, I’m never completely certain that I want to share some of my inner most conflicts and tensions so openly with you. In all honesty, when I feel judged or misunderstood I retreat further into myself and don’t share.

I am a very open person but I’m always mindful of those involved in my life. So, I often procrastinate before sharing my words. But I believe that we all benefit most from sharing the real stuff.

Because our inner dialogue shapes our individual experiences and determines the quality of our relationships.

Mindful interaction ❤

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