We’re all learning how to trust ourselves


Yesterday, I dropped Dad home after another big day at the hospital with Mam. Both of us ready for an early night and a good sleep. But I needed to go check in on my daughter who had sent me a message, letting me know that she was feeling unwell again. “But don’t rush me to emergency,” she said … Hmmmmmm 🤔

Turned up to find her with a raging fever of 39.9, feeling aggitated, with fluctuating obs. A pulse spiking 131 and blood pressure that jumped to 134/116 within 10 minutes … Hmmmmm 🤔

“Get in the car Missy,” I said

NO, it wasn’t Mumma intuition.

Because just as before it was my daughter who prompted me by her own intuition. She knew herself that she didn’t feel right. But was seeking validation from her Mumma to ACT upon it.

My darling girl had been suffering for afew days before sending me the message, which makes me wonder 🤔

Why don’t we trust our own knowing ?
Why do we choose to suffer ?

She was admitted overnight again, with the same course of action to treat this lingering infection (chronic tonsilitis). IV antibiotics, fluids and steroids. Another followup app with the GP tomorrow and referral to see the ENT  docs to hopefully get the tonsils out ASAP !!

My daughter doesn’t comfortably or easily communicate. So it’s no surprise to me that this has physically manifested itself. Because blocked energy begins a process of events that occur at a cellular level. And this is how our body communicates with us. I believe that we are guided towards our own healing.

Yup, I know there are many of you reacting to what I’ve just said. And in truth it bothers me a little that even my family roll their eyes at some of my thoughts and feelings 😜 hahahaha

But, I believe that deep down you already know this truth yourself. An inner knowing that many of us are relearning how to reconnect with.

Truth is, I care a little less about how crazy you think I am. And I care a little more about how my own inner knowing is better serving me. And I strive to help YOU to better trust YOURSELF ☺

Mindful interaction ❤

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