Contemplating the meaning of life


Depression, Dis-ease, Dememtia & Death,
are the dreaded D’s of DOOM.

That stir up our deepest fears,
lurking in the darkness.

Making the unconscious CONSCIOUS

Where we fight our inner demons,
in the shadows of our own minds.

Struggling to find the balance,
between our dark and light nature.

To harmonize the energy within …

Into a state of being that reconnects us,
with self and the Source of all Creation.

I give it no name, only describe what it IS.
The life force that IS our energy.

A sense of ONEness,
where we are FREE to fully flow with life.

A place where …

Our heart beats with the pulse of Nature
And our soul vibrates with Universe

The place of ULTIMATE LOVE ❤

When we vibrate with this frequency,
our life force flows with love, not fear.

We have an appreciation of who we are.
And an acceptance of what IS.

A state of being that radiates beauty,
when our light shines the brightest.

A sense of wholeness from within,
when our happiness comes from self.

An equilibrium that harmonizes us,
with our environment.

A truth that we live as one with all,
because we are ONE.

What if we truly BELIEVED this as truth?
Would we better understand the fight?

What if we TRUSTED the process?
Could we navigate through the storm?

What if we REFLECT upon it?
And see DOOM for the MOOD it is …
A temporary state of being.

Would our experience change?

What if there’s purpose for the storm?
Could it become meaningful?

What if our suffering is a state of mind?
Would we transcend our pain?

What if we RISE above our darkest fear?
Could we activate our power centre?

What if we HEAL our deepest hurts?
Would we be the medicine we seek?

Hmmmmm I wonder 🤔

Mindful interaction ❤

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