Warriors of light must integrate the darkness


This is for the fallen ones …

Those who allow life to touch them 💔

The one’s who open themselves up fully to experience life in its entirity.

The truth seekers, the mind explorers, the star gazers, the heart healers, the moon worshippers, the fairy whisperers and the magic makers.

I believe in YOU ❤

Our world needs you to show us what IS possible when we begin to awaken to our truth on this planet. So, please don’t hang your head in shame or suffer in silence. Lead us into the darkness with the light that flickers brightly inside of you. Share the love that radiates warmly from you and be our guiding star.

I believe …

That everytime we open up our hearts to love, we dare to pay the price of loss and risk feeling the deepest of our hurts. But the more our hearts break open, the more wounds we expose, hurts we heal and the more love we feel for self and others.

I believe …

That everytime we open up our minds to think, we dare to confront the hidden parts of ourselves and risk feeling the darkest of our fears. But the more we expand our consciousness, the more fears we rise above, fearless we feel and more powerful we become.

I believe …

That those who dare to open up their hearts and minds are the warriors of love and light. Who undergo a daily internal battle of integrating the darkness and conquering their inner demons. Releasing themselves from any limiting beliefs that hold them back. Letting go of what no longer serves the greater good. Surrendering to something far greater than you or I.

I believe …

That the natural vibration of life energy is neither positive nor negative, but a combination of both, which creates WHOLENESS

I believe …

That positive & negative, light & dark, good & bad, masculine & feminine and night & day are all polarities of the same life energy, which we constantly strive to balance within. Therefore negativity reflects a resistance to this balance, which acts as our inner compass that navigates us well through life

I believe …

That balancing our individuality with the collective can create harmony within ourselves and the world around us.

So, my darling, if you have fallen into the darkness or are paralyzed by your own fear, then know this. You are a warrior of love and light …

and I believe in YOU ❤

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