The demons of my own mind


by my own thoughts and feelings.

A struggle to be in the presence of too many and to be asked to do too much.

My emotions flow as one with the rain
My energy moves as one with the wind


Noises that irritate
Things that annoy

One minute needing people close
The next challenged by their presence

Inner conflict that brings a state of unrest


I feel myself drifting between worlds

Fighting back the tiredness, that threatens to take me into the abyss.

Fear that wants to drag me back, into the darkness of my mind.

Tensions are rising
Anxieties are building
Challenges are intensifying

Exposed nerves

Feeling overwhelmed

I need to break free from myself
To walk amongst the silence
Seeking solitude
To reconnect with Source

So I can process my thoughts
And express the sadness in my heart

RELEASING what no longer serves me

Inhaling fresh air,
into my grieving lungs.
Filling them with love.

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