Dear Diary


Saying goodbye to Mam is tough on us all, but its toughest on Dad. Although Mam died Friday 3rd November. The funeral was on Friday 10th. She was cremated Monday 13th and we collect her ashes today Wednesday 15th.

So its been a loooong goodbye for Dad.

Although I acknowledge Mam’s death and grieve the loss of my beloved Mother, in my heart I don’t believe that she’s gone. Because I still feel her energy around us and I hear her whisper in the wind.

I believe …

Spirit becomes one with Nature

So I decided to have a wander on the beach the other day, after dropping my daughter off at work. To have a conversation with Mam, who nudged me to take Dad out for some fresh air.

As we drove towards the beach Dad shared how Mam always found a park, even on the busiest days. The carpark was full, but as we drove around the corner, a car pulled out for us.

We smiled, knowing Mam was with us.

Dad and I walked for hours. We talked about the past, the present and the future. When we reached the headland I looked up and asked Dad what he could see in the sky ?

A white feather ❤

A sign from spirit in the sky ☺

What if …

Death is the beginning of a wonderful conversation with Universe ?

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