The shift from fear to LOVE is constant


I had a meaningful conversation yesterday that triggered a neccesssry shift within me.


Not always so keen on the process though

Although new information can increase our understanding, expand our view and broaden our perspective. It can also shed light on some of our “negative” thoughts and feelings about self/others, that can trigger more discomforts before leading us towards deeper truths. 

My understanding is …

Our ego feeds from the fear in our minds
Our soul feeds from the love in our hearts

What is feeding YOUR experiences ?

I want my soul to GROW (not my ego)

Although I consciously choose love, I’m also aware that sometimes I’m unconsciously feeding my ego.

The shift from fear to LOVE is constant

Today, I’ve needed and prioritized the space and time to process new information. Integrating whatever resonated with my heart and allowing my emotions to flow freely without restriction.

I acknowledged the fear
I acknowledged the anger
I acknowledged the hurt
I acknowledged the guilt

Emotions I’ve been struggling to fully let go of, that have been causing me some tension. Emotions I’ve been holding onto because I couldn’t have the conversation with the person (I believed) could ease my emotional pain and suffering.

I needed to talk to my Mam 💔

But Universe works in mysterious ways

A conversation with my friend gave Mam a voice to share something that I needed to hear. Something that at first increased my feelings of anger, hurt and guilt.

OUCH !!!!

Bringing me deeper into the feelings that I’ve been struggling to fully RELEASE myself from.

Forever and Always she is with us ❤

Why am I sharing this with you ?

Because the more aware of my energy flow (and blockages) I become, the more I notice the changes (and resistance) within myself.

Something that EXCITES me 🤗

Because I’m interested in how we can liberate ourselves from our fears, heal our hearts and allow LOVE to overflow into our world.

I’m learning more and appreciating how the metaphysical offers a holistic perspective to our overall health and wellbeing.

Today, I’ve had an upset tummy and sat on the loo on/off with loose bowels. Suggesting a possible SHIFT as my solar plexus chakra opens (or) perhaps the baked beans I ate last night are moving their way through 🤣🤣🤣

Whatever the cause, I FEEL the shift

I believe that mindfully interacting with ourselves and others brings new meaning to ALL of our interactions ❤

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