When we were little girls our parents said to us

A promise we have made to you,
that will forever and always be true.

Fear itself, is more afraid of your ability,
to love and believe in otherworldly possibility.

The love of magic
Forever flows through your veins.

Trust your heart
Never be fooled by the fear in your brain.

Whenever you’re in trouble, lonely or afraid,
just close your eyes and wait,
for the fairies to come to your aid.

They told us special stories,
and held us all so tight.
They made us feel safe,
each and every night.

They said, if nightmares come,
as they sometimes do.
Just close your eyes and listen,
to the sound of Tinkers shoes.

Down from your light, she will appear,
And grow ten times her size.
To stand and fight your fears,
While you hold tight our eyes.

So, whenever I feel afraid,
whenever I feel blue.
I still hold tight my eyes,
and listen for Tinkers shoes.

You see, I still believe in fairies,
I still believe it true.
This is why I share,
this special story with you

Mindfulinteraction ❤

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