Set your wild heart free and let it breathe


Who is the Wild Woman ?

She’s NOT a screaming, out of control banchee. She’s neither crazy, mad nor desperate.

She’s the untamed wild of Nature itself and she lives within YOU.

The Wild woman thrives off her love and connection to Nature. She understands the cycles of life. She flows with Moon and creates with the Universal energies. She liberates herself from anything that holds her back from experiencing her full potential. She’s fearless because she embraces change and new beginnings. She trusts her own inner voice and listens to the whispers of spirit. She remains true to herself and follows the truth in her own heart. She knows her own mind but isn’t controlled by it. She’s in touch with her emotions and expresses them freely. Her choices continue to ignite the passion and purpose within her soul. She takes full responsibly for her own happiness and creates her own sense of balance. She is a woman worth knowing because she will challenge you to grow. She wants you to be all you can be.

Go find YOUR wild because the world needs YOU ❤

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