Not all nice people are neccessarily nice


Not all nice people are “nice”

Some paint on the smiles to be nice.
Some bite their tongue to be nice.
Some comfort others with lies to be nice.
Some talk shit to convince you they’re nice.

Truth is, I’m not always nice !!!

Sometimes …

I’m brutally honest with myself and others.
I will speak my truth, even when it hurts.
I acknowledge my own bullshit.
And not afraid to call you out on yours !!!

Truth is, its an act of bravery to expose the real you in a world of masks, created from delusional illusions.

Authenticity is revolutionary

But I’m learning …

To listen and trust my own instincts.
To confide within my circle of trust.
To mindfully share with others.
To be kind instead of faking “nice.”
To keep it fucking real.

Don’t trade your authenticity for approval ❤

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