Our shadow fears being seen


When life gets ugly
Our lights don’t shine so brightly
We take a step back
Hide in the shadows
But I want to step forward
Out of the crowd
I want to be seen
For ALL of who I am
The pain
The confusion
The failure
The doubt
The guilt
The shame
The fear
But I’m censored
All of my experiences
Influenced by others
My sharing is mine
But its yours too
I feel resistance
Yes, I feel the love
But I’m surrounded by fear
I’m drowning in my truth
Comforted by my shadow
Mindful of your discomfort
Tension that stifles our growth
I breathe into this space
Diving in
I explore
The belief driving the thought ?
The thought energizing emotion ?
Why doesn’t the energy flow ?
What am I holding onto ?
How am I resisting ?
What am I afraid to feel ?
What are you afraid to see ?
Questions that lead me to a whisper
“It is our shadow that fears being seen”

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