How our menstrual cycle can unlock our personal power


Hello darkness my old friend 🌚

I haven’t slept much tonight because my moon flow had other intentions. When my energy is flowing with the natural cycles of Universe, I notice how my menstral cycle occurs during the New moon. Something I feel compelled to write about and share with other Goddesses.

Every month the moon circles the Earth, casting shadows. A cycle that influences a woman’s mind, body and soul.

Its no coincidence that both women and Luna have a 28 day cycle. Women are created to flow with the energies of Universe. And when our body and the moon are in synce, our cycle becomes an opportunity to “go with the flow.”

New moon is a great time for women to look inward, to honor our body and assess our lives.

To ask ourselves …

What is and isn’t working ?
What is no longer serving our greater good ?

It’s a time to set intentions and cleanse the body and mind of any stale or blocked energy.

A woman’s menstrual cycle is so much more than inconvenient bleeding and PMS. It’s an ebb and flow of energy. A cyclic rhythm we experience within our bodies that is sacred.

It’s to be celebrated

During the dark moon, we have an innate need to descend into the underworld and explore our shadow self. To confront the hidden parts of ourself that’s been relegated to the darkness by our collective consciousness.

When we make the descent we confront our shadow and connect to our repressed feelings.

We shine a light on our own darkness, which brings more light into the world. Inspiring others to do the same is how we shine brighter.

Each menstrual period and New moon gives us a chance to go within and listen to our own innate wisdom. As we unlock the hidden, darker parts of our psyche, we discover lost knowledge that enables us to heal our deepest wounds and transcend from our greatest fears.

We ascend from the underworld with more intuitive knowing, vision and personal power.

Doesn’t that sound like a journey worth taking?

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