Spiritual healing

Authentic spiritual healing brings us closer to ourselves and the Source of Creation. We feel this deep within when our energy flows. We feel connected to self, others, Nature and Universe.

This kind of healing touches our deepest wounds and brings us face to face with our greatest fears. We FEEL SAFE TO FEEL life intensely.

Life breaks us open

We ride the waves and flow to the beat of life’s pulse.

Its about honesty

Transformation doesnt require us to relive our pain but to accept what was. Being who we are now and creating the future we dream about. Guiding through our fears, resistance, anger, desperation, jealousy, darkness, pain and frustrations. Deeper insights into our own experiences. Transforming energy not yet seen.

Opens our hearts

Not about cutting parts out but helps us to understand and honour those parts until we can bring enough energy to return twisted patterns, beliefs and energy to original loving intent.

We feel more self acceptance even about our non acceptance. Opens up to feel raw vulnerabilities and possibilities

Transforms our experiences

Subtly or Profoundly

Addresses issues at the Source

Struggle ends and we begin to create new experiences. We are free

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