Dear Wild Woman …


Dear Wild Woman
At times your roar won’t rumble
But please don’t be silenced
Know what it is that YOU do or don’t want
Speak your truth even if your voice trembles
Walk your path even if your legs shake
Don’t be afraid to trust your heart
And I beg of you, follow your instincts
Allow your feelings to guide you home
And return to the centre of your being
Where the Source of all Creation flows
And connect with Nature and Universe
YES not everyone will like it
YES you will be judged
YES people will fall away from your life
DO it anyway !!!
Never doubt yourself
Trust the process of change
Accept life as it unfolds 
Acknowledge the hurts and fears as they rise
Seek support and stay open
Feel your way through the pain
Breathe !!!
You are shedding another layer of yourself
You are becoming more conscious
You are discovering something wonderful
After death comes rebirth
So focus on your healing
Believe in yourself
And be ready to receive your hearts desire ❤

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