Life is a wonderful adventure


I decided to take myself on an adventure …

Chatted to a woman at the bus stop, a traveller who came to Maryport by ship in the 1970s. Her hubby an avid sailor, they sailed, exploring the oceans. She spoke about her time in Portugal and Swizerland. About the hot summers and wet winters of Portugal. Surfing beaches in the Algarves, where you can walk for miles. She guided me in the right direction and onto the right bus towards Keswick.

It was a small bus, mostly full of pensioners heading to Cockermouth for their shopping. I listened to the Cumbrian accents, as the local travellers greeted each other.

I changed buses in Cockermouth. The Wordsworth and Fletcher Christian pubs were infront of the bus stop. Writers who inspire writers like myself to keep writing. I opened up a conversation with another lady standing next to me. Asking if she had walked Derwent Water. We had a chuckle about getting lost.

It was a busy bus to Keswick, so I headed straight to the back. Opened up a conversation with a young man, who told me all about the bus service around the lakes. He even walked me to the information office before he started work. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I knew where it was because he wanted to help me. He was from Preston, had broken up with his girlfriend and moved here to work. A new start, which I could totally relate to. Shoke his hand and wished him well on his journey.

On my wander around Derwent Water, I smiled, saying hello and asking for directions, to make sure I was on the right path. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, so I left the map in my bag and kept asking people for the directions. It rained on and off but the magnificence of the Lake District can’t be reduced by grey clouds.

It took me 4 hours and 20 minutes to walk around the whole thing, and I was absolutely fooking stoofed by the end of it. But it was WONDERFUL because I was on an adventure and my heart was full of joy.

Had to wait an hour for the bus back to Maryport, so I wandered over to the Fletcher Christian pub for a whiskey or two. First time in a pub alone and it wasn’t so bad.

Came home to a mighty feast that Uncle Keith had prepared for us. After dinner Aunty Julie and I popped over to Aunty Violets for a catch up. And now I’m soaking my sore footsies in a nice hot bowl of salt water, while sipping on another whiskey. Oh YES, I’ll sleep tonight 😋

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