Paying it forward …


When I arrived here, there was mail waiting for me and another unexpected surprise. I posted these pay it forward keys to my sons when I was last in the UK. But the address was wrong and I thought the package was lost forever.

Today, I’m reminded …. BELIEVE !!!

But in what ? ? ?

Well, walking a road less travelled and going with the flow isn’t without it’s challenges, but I believe that those challenges are opportunities for us to experiment and explore with new ways of being and doing.

When I opened up my emails and seen the messages from care managers, I assumed it would be client details. Instead, they were apologizing for those contracts falling through.

I’ll admit, my initial reaction was “shit, bugger, fuck.” Because I’ve been back in the UK for over a month and only had a weeks work. So, I’ve spent more than earned, which isn’t my plan !!!

Hence why these days I’m borrowing the term “sketch” instead of plan. Because learning how to be more flexible on a flowing path is essential to the flow, which makes sense.

I’ve contemplated looking for other work and spoken to other carers about private care. But I choose to stay with OA because I want the security and need the support they provide.

Fortunately, they understand and appreciate my concerns. I’ve been offered a weekly retainer to help with costs, and I’ll be on call incase emergency relief care is needed, until a long term contract comes my way.

My colleague and dear friend was here when I opened up the email, who reminded me that these contracts have fallen through because a much better contract is on its way. I love how she thinks. I also love how she reassured me that as my friend, she has a room if needed.

But her reassurance didn’t seem to stop those nagging anxieties from surfacing. So, I did what I do best and picked up my pen and asked myself the right questions …

What am I worried about ?
What am I afraid of ?

I’m worried about running out of money.
I’m afraid of flowing on this path and failing.
I’m worried about making the wrong choice.
I’m afraid of not achieving my bigger dreams.

Rational worries and fears ?

Perhaps, but those thoughts limit me more than serve me. So, I acknowledge the limiting beliefs driving the thoughts and that’s how I feel less anxious and change my experience.

Today, I’m reminded to BELIEVE that we are supported on our paths, and I’m sharing this story with you because someone else may benefit from this message.

Paying it forward ❤

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