Walking a road less travelled


Life was totally amazing, then it was fucking awful and there’s been plenty of ordinary moments inbetween. But after everything I’ve been through, YES I still believe in magic 🌟

As I wandered down Woodstock road towards the centre of Oxford, I felt the familiar sense of contentment, knowing I am walking MY path.

Within the space of 5 minutes I seen 3 white feathers. The first caught my eye as it blew across the road to the left of me. The second blew infront of my feet and the third blew down from a tree, dancing in the breeze.

I believe it was a reminder from spirit, that I am supported on the road less travelled. Universe keeps showing me the magic of connection.

Strangers touch my life in ways that strengthen my believe, that this truly is a wonderful world.

Truth is, some of us aren’t meant to stay in one place, but not all who wander are lost. For now, I flow wherever the path wants to take me.

I am a seeker and an explorer, so I thrive from new experiences. Maybe my soul is destined to wander because the journey is my gift to you ?

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