What if our absence is as important as our presence ?


I had a message in my inbox this morning from my daughter. She was feeling sick and needed Mumma hugs. Not being able to reach out and embrace her in my arms when she needs it, is something that causes me great discomfort.

As Mothers, we are supposed to be there …

(or) are we ? ? ?

What if our absence is just as important as our presence ? What if we become more aware of our Mother’s presence when she’s absent from our life ? What if we become more aware of ourselves and more present in our own lives ?

I suppose it sounds like I’m talking in riddles and perhaps my words appear foolish ? Maybe grief has distorted my perceptions or perhaps I’m beginning to see clearer than ever before ?

As a Daughter, I feel the loss of my Mother and as a Mother, I can appreciate how my Daughter feels. So, you may wonder, why then am I here?

It’s a question, I often ask myself and answers I don’t always have. It’s just a knowing that it’s somewhere I must be and something I must do

Our paths don’t always make sense to us

Maybe that’s because the answers can only be discovered, if we’re willing to take the journey?

Perhaps flowing with life and drifting between worlds is how the story unfolds?

Maybe this is MY own healing journey?

Perhaps that’s the magic I’m here to share?

Hmmmmmmmm 🤔

One thing I am certain of, is that time and distance is irrelevant when it comes to love ❤

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