Another good read …


I’m ordering and look forward to reading what wisdom Sophie shares. Because Mam’s death has been my biggest life shock for sure šŸ’”

Sophie shares her story about her own cancer journey, in her first book ‘The Cancer Whisperer’

Having had both our parents diagnosed with “incurable cancer,” within 9 months of each other, I believe it was no coincidence that this book popped up in my facebook news feeds last year … it was divine timing.

I resonated with what she wrote, so I shared her book with my family, but it wasn’t their cup of tea. We think differently about dis-ease and me being me, I’m always open and keen to learn from my most challenging experiences.

But embracing cancer as a teacher, isn’t for everyone. Because the cancer experience can be and IS brutal. For many (my Mam included), it’s something to be fought and not accepted.

For me, this has been a HUGE inner conflict !!!

How can you possibly feel comfortable about accepting your parent’s cancer diagnosis ?

How can you possibly feel comfortable about accepting your beloved Mother’s death ?

NOTHING about it is comfortable !!!

Acceptance comes only after the resistance …

I often share words of wisdoms that I believe as truth, but words can only be truly felt after having lived the experience for ourselves.

We fight to hold on and we fight to let go šŸ’”

Understanding my inner conflicts is why I dive into myself so deeply. I share my experiences so openly because I know I’m not alone in my struggles. I’m still actively processing, feeling and healing from Mam’s death, and as a family we still confront Dad’s cancer journey. So my sharings aren’t always so honest and open. I’m mindful that my sharings can cause others discomfort, so I don’t always publicly share.

Some days are harder than others šŸ’”

To some, my life appears to be a wonderful adventure, which it IS šŸ˜Š but it’s not without it’s challenges. As I walk a road less travelled, my path unfolds according to the choices I make.

So, can you learn to love life shocks ?

Hmmmmm …

I believe we can learn to appreciate the lesson but I’m not entirely convinced I can learn to love the shocks that life delivers us šŸ¤”

I am looking forward to the insights in this book tho, because I’m open to think differently about things, if it serves my greater good.

If anyone else has read her first book or are intersted in reading this one, I’m keen to hear your thoughts about what she shares ā¤

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