To let it flow or not to flow ? that is the question


Woke up this morning to my menstral flow and NO tampons in any of my bags. No problem I thought to myself, there’s plenty of pads in the house 💡

Wandered through to tend to my client’s care needs, who was a little embarassed about having had a poo. So, I showed her what I was wearing and she chuckled.

I told her about how I believe all carers and nurses should wear an incontinence pad, so they can understand how their client’s feel. I’d be the kinda teacher to push boundaries. Insisting my students wear a pad in class and piddle in it. That kinda learning experience would give us so much more compassion for others.

Then I chuckled as I recall how my sisters and I were planning to have a pad party. As you can appreciate times were tough during Mam’s end of life. So when the incontinence pads came into the house, it was our attempts to use humour to lighten the mood. Mam never did use them, opting for a catheter instead.

After Mam died my sisters and I were still gonna have a pad party. We laughed so hard talking about how we’d all wear one and have a few drinks. Then wait to see who piddled in it first. The thought of a boozy night of fun was enough to lift our spirits. The silly things we do to make ourselves feel a little better hey.

Its what I love most about my family ❤

We never did get around to having the pad party, but I’m sure this little story will bring a smile to my sister’s faces. And when they show it to Dad, he’ll shake his head, smile and think to himself, how shameless his daughter is.

So, I’m gonna literally flow with this and wear incontinence pads during my entire cycle. I’ve been meaning to buy some of those menstral knickers. Because I know it’s much healthier for our body, to allow our blood to freely flow, instead of plugging it with tampons.

I’m gonna literally let it flow and then write about it, cos that’s how I like to roll. BUT will I piddle in it ?

Watch this space 😊

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