Rejection is how Universe redirects us


FAILURE and REJECTION hurts like a bitch !!! Truth is, none of us like change when it feels like it’s being forced upon us. Especially when it means loosing something/someone we love.

But WHAT IF we believed that things like fear, failure, rejection and pain were navigators sent to guide us ?

How would it change YOUR experience ?

Would you hold on a little less ?
Would you dive in a little more ?
Would you release your grip ?
Would you let go and flow ?

The only constant thing in life IS change

Accepting that is how I’m learning to trust the process of change. Becoming more aware of any thoughts attached to limiting beliefs, is how I’m learning to flow with a little more ease.

My greatest challenge when life is changing direction, is learning how to TRUST the process, stay OPEN to love, let go and FLOW with life ❤

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