Healing is OUR responsibility and OUR greatest gift to the world


YES !!! … No matter how much we improve our inner world, our brain is a thinking machine. So, thoughts pop up into our minds all the time.

I think of my brain as a computer …

Sometimes she needs rebooting
Sometimes she needs an anti virus
Sometimes she needs new software

But my brain, like the rest of my body isn’t who I am, its the vessel that my soul travels in.

Now the metaphysical theories are starting to make alot more sense to me.

If we imagine that our body is the ship and our soul is the captain navigating our journey. Then  it’s a little easier to understand and appreciate how our body communicates with us by physically manifesting “symptoms”.

If we attribute the “positive” or “negative” to our thoughts, then our experience will reflect that.

Our greatest challenge is learning how to become the observer of our mind …

Then we learn how to allow our thoughts to flow, without attaching to them. We learn to identify fear and love based thoughts. We learn to choose which thoughts limit us and which thoughts serve us. We learn to choose the kind of thinking that creates the reality we want.

It’s NOT about avoidance !!!

It’s seeing our bullshit for what it is
It’s being accountable for ourselves
It’s taking FULL responsibility for our experience
It’s diving IN and facing ourselves
It’s healing the wounds
It’s rising above our fears
It’s becoming more conscious.

It’s not rocket science, but creating magic does require some self awareness and mindfulness

Ohhh how I love learning the juicy stuff 😊

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