Rising above my challenges


As a Capricorn with Cancer rising, I’ve been struggling with myself. Life is already challenging enough with having lost our beloved Mother to cancer last year, still confronting our beloved Fathers cancer journey and being apart from the man I love. Maintaining a sense of balance is already a challenge, so unexpected challenges threw me right out of my messy Capricorn mind and into my Cancer emotions.

Into my feelings of OVERWHELM !!!

I don’t feel the need to share the details of my personal challenges because it involves others. But YES, it’s natural to experience tensions and conflicts with loved ones when we’re going through challenging times. Hence why communication is so very important.

My sisters and I are supporting our Dad, but we each have our own individual needs as women and individual responsibilities as Mothers. So, we’re also trying to support each other, so we can better support our Dad through this. That in itself can be challenging, which is why our unexpected challenges can throw us completely off balance.

Yesterday, I was hit with more unexpected bills, which triggered my money concerns and my daughter’s in physical pain, which triggered my Mumma fear. Triggers that had me REACTIVE instead of responsive …

Why ?

Because unexpected challenges during the approaching FULL MOON, threw me deep into my Capricorn and Cancer shadow. The parts of myself I would rather not see or share with others. The parts of me others don’t want to see and struggle to accept. The parts of myself I’m learning to see, share and LOVE for what they are ….

Ourpportunities to know ourselves better
Opportunities to balance our polarities
Opportunities to heal

Our inner tensions and conflicts impact on our ability to respond or react. So, the more aware we are of what we’re hiding or avoiding within ourselves (our shadow), the less we wound others with our reactions during challenges.

This is why diving in to me is important to YOU … in-to-me-see ❤

The last few days I’ve been reflecting over my tensions, conflicts, concerns and challenges. I notice how I wake feeling exhausted, no matter how much sleep I get. I also noticed myself falling back into some bad eating habits, which is why I promptly made some changes to my diet, to help increase energy levels and maintain the weight loss. But having already eaten too many carbs and sugars, my body went through the usual uncomfortable detox.

A thumbing headache that made it difficult to process my messy thoughts.

I refuse to fall back into the grasp of comfort eating during challenging times because Ive learned that what we eat influences how we think and feel.

However, I’m still learning how to stay fully present and respond to my challenges because like you, my growth is an ongoing work in progress ❤

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