Full moon reflections


Its a FULL MOON ladies and gents 🌚

NOW is a good time to reflect upon our journey … What lessons have we learned from the PAST? … What are we most grateful for TODAY? … What are we hoping to achieve in the FUTURE?

NOW is the time to reflect over the questions we asked during the previous NEW MOON

What couldn’t we control or change?
What were we struggling to accept?
What were we holding onto?
What was causing us pain and suffering?

What did we want to release?
What did we want to let go of?
What did we want to heal?
What did we want to seed?

NOW is the time to reflect over what surfaced, and what was discovered from our descent into our inner self during and after NEW MOON

To acknowledge …

What triggered us?
What challenged us?
What felt uncomfortable?

NOW is the time to see those things for what they really are. Deeper insights into ourself and possible responses to the questions that we asked ourselves during the NEW MOON.

What if those things that trigger a “negative” reaction from us, reveal our buried pain and limitations that could be holding us back in fear? What if they surface to be released?

I believe this to be true …

A belief that enables me to take more responsibility for my own experiences and live more fully in the moments, no matter how uncomfortable. A belief that is changing how I experience myself in this world. A belief that creates more space for love and compassion for myself and others. A belief that helps me to rise above my challenges, release me from my fears and grow into the woman I want to be.

NOW is the time to ask ourselves …

Am I aware of a negative thought pattern?
Am I aware of a limited belief?
Am I aware of unexpressed emotions?
Am I aware of an unhealthy relationship?
Am I aware of an unhealthy habit or behaviour?

I believe being aware of these things are important because they have the ability to prevent the natural flow of our energy, which can then contribute to dis-ease in our body.

By definition “disease and disability are dynamic processes that begin before we realize we are affected,” which is why a preventative approach to our health is vital.

What if exploring our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and energy empowers us to make choices that contribute towards our healing and growth?

What if it’s how we create NEW realities?

NOW is the time to ask ourselves …

What did we seed during NEW MOON?
What do we want to manifest into reality?
What experiences do we want to have?
What do we want to co-create with Universe?
What is our hearts desire?

Ive been reflecting over the desires of my own heart and now have a deeper understanding.

For example …

My desire to manifest more money is about more than a want to reduce financial stress. Its about my need to create more opportunities and freedom, which guided me towards my need to CHANGE my relationship with money.

By changing the word money to FREEDOM, I realize that it’s possible to experience more freedom with or without money. By removing this limitation I can go even deeper by asking

What does freedom mean to me?
Why do I need to experience more of this?
What can I achieve with more freedom?
Who does my freedom serve?
How can I create more freedom in my life?

When I DO experience more freedom, I feel more joy. A state of being that increases my vibration and awakens my inner Shaman. This is my most authentic and ancient self. My inner wild and wise woman who is deeply connected to Nature. She flows with Universal energies and has the power to create, balance and heal.

“Awaken her and synchronize with the power to heal, to step into purpose and live as your most sacred self” (Melinda Rodriguez) ❤

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