Synchronicity is a conversation with Universe


SYNCHRONICITY by definition is …
                         “A meaningful coincidence”
This morning when I woke at 7.20am, I decided to meditate. Since arriving, its the first morning there’s been no sunshine, its cloudy and rainy so didn’t go outdoors. I decided to move the table and meditate on Mam and Dad’s lounge room mat, which as you can see is a sacred geometric symbol. The precise time of FULL MOON was 7.58am … (1st synchronicity)

I quickly browsed through the music list on my phone, a Pisces Full Moon meditation I had saved instantly caught my eye. Full Moon is in Pisces now. The meditation guided me through a chakra clearing and talked about “the inner work” I reflected over, wrote about and shared with you yesterday … (2nd synchronicity)

I opened my eyes after the meditation and seen the word “Granda” on a handmade card, that one of the kids have made for Dad. I had an instant vision of my Granda and I felt the love as my heart chakra opened. My Granda died February 2000 and it was this loss that began my journey “home”. It was my first spiritual experience. A recognition that I’ve been “doing the work” for 18 years. And an acknowledgement of how much I’ve learned and have grown … (3rd synchronicity)

My Mam came into my mind and a sadness arose from within my heart. I cried as I felt both the love and the loss. Then an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the energy flowing. An emotional release, while my body is in full menstral flow, in the moments the MOON was at her fullest … (4rd synchronicity)

Synchronicity is …
         a conversation with Universe ❤

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