Changing our habits is a process


Porridge, is my morning goodness 👍😁

I’ve been reflecting and thought I’d share …

During my first week back in Australia, I noticed myself falling back into some of my unhealthy habits. I was biting my nails, wanting to drink more booze, scoffing Dad’s chocolate stash, gobbling carbs and I wasn’t feeling good at all.

Sure, I was smiley, but my mind was far from clear and focused. My thoughts were messy, my emotions were draining my energy and I had very little motivation to get shit done.

The frustrating thing was, I knew exactly why I was doing those things. I knew why I was feeling so shit. And I even knew why it was so damn hard to stop myself from doing them.

My sugar addiction had a hold of me !!!

So, I decided to take control, make different choices and change my experience. My period was approaching, so I struggled with myself for afew days, but I’m so glad I persisted.


Being aware of our habits is the only way we can change them. Hence why I pay attention to what I’m doing and why I’m doing it …

I notice how I bite my nails whenever I feel anxious. I notice the difference between: wanting a drink to relax, enjoying afew social drinks and using drink to escape when reality is challenging me. I notice how I comfort eat to self soothe and use food to avoid some of my uncomfortable thoughts and emotions.

As I make better food choices, I’m better able to focus my attention on the anxiety, the challege and the discomfort with a clear mind

I notice how I’m making other healthier choices

Meditating, sitting in the Sun, gazing up at the Moon, contemplating the Universe and the stars. Taking deeper breaths. Relaxing in the tub. Listening to music. Burning candles. Using my crystals. Wanting to walk and reconnect with myself and Nature. Acknowledging my challenges and openly talking and/or writing about the concerns, worrys and fears that feed my anxiety. Allowing my truth to surface and fully feeling the emotions as they rise and fall.

As I flow more openly and honestly with my thoughts and feelings, I feel much calmer within myself. I notice how I begin to enjoy my healthier food choices and I’m feeling good.

I used to say that food was my biggest demon because I struggled to loose weight, but as I better understand myself, there’s less struggle.


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