Excuse me while I ferment awhile


Come dip your toes in the depth of my mind 😊

These are the 7 stages of spiritual alchemy, which is the process I keep trusting. I dive in and do the inner work because its how I give depth to my stories. Challenging experiences become opportunities to hone my craft of writing because I know the alchemy of words.


The breaking down parts of self, to explore what’s beneath our ego, self doubt, pride, self sabotage, stubbornness and arrogance etc.


Once we acknowledge the + and – aspects of self, we free ourselves from a false sense of self. We realize how our inability to take full responsibility for our flaws and faults, tensions and conflicts have effected us and others.


We become more aware of what we’re doing  (avoidance patterns, habits and behviours). We become more authentic, honestly experiencing our anger, frustrations and disappointments of self and other … This is our shadow work.


All of our unconscious thoughts and feelings come to the surface. From the darkness into the light of our awareness. We begin to truly accept ALL parts of our authentic self.


The process of rebirth as parts of our old personality decomposes and we begin to experience moments of a more refined self. This is the dark night of our soul, when symptoms of depression can be experienced. A deep rest as we dive IN to acknowledge our inner changes. We let go of aspects of self that no longer serve the way we now see the world.


We integrate our spiritual realizations into our lives. The more we practice the process of death and rebirth in the present moment without reverting back into old habits, we begin to experience profound transformation.


We free ourselves from the confines of our mind and allow our consciousness (our soul) to connect with spirit. A connection between opposites (life/death, (+)/(-), heaven/hell, light/dark), where existance becomes self aware. The physical Universe is no longer seperate from mind or spirit, but a reflection of it.

Alchemy’s greatest achievement is to create an interrelationship between mind and matter.

An Alchemist is the bridge between worlds

Alchemy is science of the heart ❀

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