Vulnerability isn’t weakness, it’s showing up and being seen


Sometimes I wonder …

Why am I so damn curious ???

Why do I articulate my thoughts so honestly?
Why do I express my emotions so openly?
Why do I voice my concerns so unreservedly?
Why do I talk about my challenges so publicly?
Why do I reveal my wounds so unashamedly?
Why do I proclaim my desires so overtly?
Why do I expose my fears so explicitly?
Why do I want to share my words so truthfully?

Over the years, I’ve asked my parents what kind of child I was, curious to know who was I before the world told me who I should be?

As a child I was curious about everything and asked alot of questions. My personality was overt and open. I shared my thoughts and expressed my emotions without fear. Some of my “shameless” behaviours challenged those around me. I demanded attention and loved an audience. I thrived from new experiences and needed to share anything I learned with those around me. I was a little miss bossy boots with a whole lota attitude and confidence. I had a vivid imagination and loved to listen to stories that were full of magic and wonderment.

Kinda sounds like the woman I’m becoming. So what happened to her ???

She was taught stuff by people who knew stuff. She learned who she should be and what she should do. She seen and heard stuff that fed her fears and experienced hurtful stuff that broke her.

Once upon a time, I used to believe my TOO muchness was wrong, but now I know better. I’m unlearning what I was taught and reconnecting with my truth.

It’s not easy to be who we really are, in a world where we’re told who we should be and what we should be doing. It’s not easy showing up in a patriarchal world as a fearless and shameless woman. But for someone like me, its so much harder not being who I really am.

Some of us are here to bleed and burn while others witness. In the days of old, we were the witches being burned at the stake. Our crime was being who we really were, which was WOMAN. Today, we are the free thinkers, the truth seekers and the writers. The bridge between worlds, here to show up and be seen. Shining a light in the dark 🌟

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