Mental Health Matters


This morning Keza and I put on our rainbow socks, to walk for Mental Health.

My interest in Mental Health goes beyond my profession. I’ve personally suffered from Depression, Panic Attacks and Anxiety. I’ve been diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder, but not because I had it. To get the rebate I needed for additional support, I had to tick boxes.

Hmmmmm she ponders πŸ€”

As a woman of extremes, I could tick afew Bipolar boxes. Being a woman with a wild imagination who drifts between worlds, I could tick afew Schizophrenia boxes. Being a woman who dives in deep to explore herself, I could tick a few Personality Disorder boxes. Being a woman in tune with the flow of Nature and Universe, I most certainly would have been burnt at the stake years ago, along with all the other “hysterical women and witches.”

Fortunately we are living in different times and I refuse to be labelled and confined by boxes !!!

Truth is, we ALL have a mind and at times it can malfunction. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again, our mind is like a computer.

But we are so much more than what we think and how we feel. I believe we are beings of love and light, having a human experience, here to realize our true potential. A perception that’s helping me to break free from the limitations of my mind, and experience life more fully.

Sure, some of you may “think” I’m crazy, and I’m learning how to be OK with that.

I talk honestly and openly about my thoughts and feelings about my concerns, conflicts and challenges because I believe it matters. And I share my own processes because I hope it helps others to explore their own limitations.

Mental health matters πŸ’œ

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