Heeding the call of the mountain


The mountain was calling me ❤

I wandered up Ngungun to indulge in some solitude and meditation. I love climbing in the rain because not many others go then, so it’s an opportunity to be alone with the mountain.

The energy is warm and inviting when it rains, which is when I usually hear her calling me.

Today, there was no hurry to reach the top. So I stopped to hug some of my old friends. My old mate, Twist always enjoys an embrace. I was instinctively drawn to two other trees. To place my forehead against their trunks (my 3rd eye).

As strange as it may sound to some, one tree just wanted to say hello and the other had something to share. The instant my forehead connected with his trunk, I felt my 3rd eye open

If you’ve never hugged a tree before, then I invite you to wrap your arms around the soft trunk of a tree. Press your chest against him/her and feel the exchange of energy. If you linger long enough your heart beats will connect. You see, ALL living things share the same heartbeat of Nature. Because we are ALL connected to the same Source of Creation 💚

At the top of the mountain, I was alone with the flow of my thoughts and feelings. I leaned back against the rock and soon laid down upon her.

As the wind blew around me and the rain kissed my skin, I allowed my thoughts and feelings to rise and fall, until there was a silence that spoke to me. Unspoken words that communicated with my inner knowing. I was overwhelmed by the immense beauty of life.

A strong sense of spirit caused my heart to cry tears of joy. I drifted between worlds for afew moments. There was no worries of slipping on the wet surface, because I pretty much floated back down the mountain in a state of bliss.

Then I drove my soggy butt to my sisters to pick up my son. Drove him home, hugged all 3 of my cubs and headed back Yam to Dad.

As I share this with you, I smile 😊 because facebook tagged Mam in one of my pictures. I knew she was with me because I felt her ❤

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