NOW is the time to live the life you imagine


Only 10 days until I fly back to the UK.

The usual conflicting feelings because I never like, nor is it easy to say goodbye to my cubs, family and friends here in Australia, but I’m so looking forward to wrapping my arms n legs around Dave and saying hello to family and friends over there in the UK. In all honesty I love Australia and the UK, but my sense of home is connected to my heart, which belongs to no specific country. My heart continues to guide me to where she needs and wants to be.

Spending quality time with my family has been a blessing, regardless of our challenging circumstance, but I’m excited about getting back to the life that’s unfolding in the UK.

Time stands still for no one and the future isn’t promised to any of us, which is what continues to guide my own life choices. We are all here to follow the beat of our own drums, to trust our hearts and to live as fully as we possibly can.

NOW is the time to live the life YOU imagine ❤

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