Embrace the glorious mess that you are


I choose to live MY life mindfully
Consciously aware of myself
Fully present in the moments
Aware of my thoughts as they flow
Identifying any limited beliefs that limit me
Aware of my emotions as they rise and fall
Allowing the full expression of their presence
Aware of the energy I bring to my interactions
Acknowledging any blockages to the flow
Aware of how I feel in the company of others
Taking full responsibility for my own feelings
Aware of how others trigger or comfort me
Taking full responsibility for my own thoughts
Aware of how I trigger or comfort others
Taking no ownership for their experience
Witessing the beauty of Nature
Noticing the synchronicities of spirit
Sharing the magic of Universe
I choose to live life more fully
By embracing both spectrums of the polarity
The light and the dark
Neither being defined as “good” nor “bad”
Every experience valued for what it is
This is how I live MY life mindfully ❤

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