After death … what comes next?


Since Mam’s passing, I believe this more than ever because she still watches over and supports me. It’s more than the memories that I will ALWAYS cherish and the FOREVER love I feel. Our conversations continue, but I’m learning to notice how she communicates.

No … I’m not crazy !!! … well maybe a little 🤣

Trust me, I don’t go looking for anything, but I am open to new experiences. And when I do have a new experience, I explore it, because it helps me to learn from it and it deepens my understanding. I’ve always been someone who needs to experience things for herself. It’s a personality trait that has driven my parents bonkers over the years. I don’t accept things I’m told as truth. I question what I read and I’m often challenged by my new experiences.

Sometimes I doubt what I sense because it’s harder to believe those things we can’t hear, see, touch, smell or taste. Perhaps that’s why our 6th sense is often disregarded and our connection to spirit & Source goes unnoticed?

Maybe that’s why Mam communicates through my senses? A whispering in my ear, an obvious sign I see, a synchronicity of divine timing or a dream. Perhaps she knows that having the “sense” she’s with me isn’t enough to believe?

Mam and I spoke alot about her beliefs and experiences with spirit over the years. Being the 7th daughter, her blind Grandmother, who had the gift of sight, said she had the gift too.

I believe we are all born with the gift of 6th sense, but some of us struggle to reaccess it.

Regardless of being raised by a woman, who openly shared her experiences with spirit. My own life experiences and social conditionings have and did disconnect me from the magic of Universe. It’s been a loooong journey home ❤

Truth is, none of us know for certain what happens after death, which is why we fear it. None of us know for certain if we have a spirit or a soul that never dies, which is why we doubt it. None of us knows for certain if our sense of spirit is real, which is why we question it. None of us know for certain what or who the Source of ALL Creation is, which is why we continue to explore, theorize and debate it.

I believe that life is far too complicated to just end. The cycles of Nature and the existance of a Universe, that expands far beyond our limited understanding of time and space, is enough to tickle my Wanderlusting curiousities.

What if, the spirit of our loved ones reconnects with Nature and Universe, What if, this IS the energy we are connecting and flowing with?

Maybe experiences since Mam’s passing are just a natural response to my need to feel her? Perhaps my new sense of reality is just a fabrication of my own mind? Maybe I want to believe she lives on in spirit, because I refuse to accept that it’s the end of her existance?

OR …

Maybe, just maybe there IS something more 🌟

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